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Consultations with Children & Parents

Our experience has shown that consultations can often be dominated by a few adults who are vociferously against any play provision, or alternatively they can raise expectations to unrealistic levels which then lead to much disappointment.

Much officer time can be spent in obtaining the views of only a few individuals with the children’s voices not heard, or alternatively the consultation can involve a fun event which does not lead to information which can be used.

Our consultations not only find out the preferences of the local people but also determine such issues as travel distances, use or potential use by age and gender, barriers to usage (DDA), etc.  These also assist the Local Authority in making strategic recommendations for the District as a whole.

We tailor each consultation to the specific needs of each site developing the questionnaires in consultation with the officers from the Local Authority.  We do not raise expectations unreasonably and also ensure that recommendations are cost-effective.

By having direct contact with the children and parents we ensure that the consultation is not dominated by a small number of objectors.  We do, however, take any objections seriously and include them in our final report.

Did you know?

1) If children and parents are asked which they prefer, wooden or metal equipment, what answer do they give?

 (see answer below)


2) If children and parents are asked if playgrounds are (a) too safe and boring, (b) generally about right, or (c) dangerous and need to be safer, what answers do they give?

(see answer below)



 1) Parents tend to prefer wood because it is more natural and warmer, children tend to prefer metal because it lasts longer and doesn’t splinter.

 2) Over two thirds of both parents and children think playgrounds are about right and much less than 5% think they are too dangerous and need to be made safer.

These were found out as additional questions that were asked at consultations.


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